Layher North America supplies scaffolding and scaffolding solutions for the petrochemical, energy, manufacturing and construction industries, as well as commercial, infrastructure, industrial and event applications.

Modular scaffolding systems

Layher manufactures world-leading, high-quality and integrated modular scaffolding systems.

Layher’s wide range of scaffolding products are design-engineered, with cross-system compatibility and ease of assembly and disassembly.

Layher North America specialises in modular scaffolding systems and solutions for construction projects in offshore and onshore industries.
The company manufactures a range of roofing systems.
Layher’s stairway towers are available as ten, 12 or 16-leg variants.
Layher’s solutions provide weather protection to enable clients to complete construction projects.
The company also supplies a number of components such as guardrails, clampers and anchors.

Precision-manufactured scaffolding systems

The company uses the highest quality materials and its steel and aluminium scaffolding is among the most reliable and safest on the market.

Layher products are precision-manufactured in Germany to the most exacting standards in the industry.

Scaffolding services and solutions

Layher employs a worldwide team of personnel who have years of experience and knowledge of scaffolding services. Staff use the highest-quality solutions to enhance profitability and solve challenging scaffolding problems.

The company’s services include on-site troubleshooting, project consultation, estimating and engineering evaluation information on starting or expanding a scaffolding business.

Insightful, experienced scaffolding services and advice on system selection, layout and planning, financing, streamlining work procedures and other technical matters are also available.

Layher specialities include:

  • Scaffolding for industrial applications
  • Scaffolding for commercial construction
  • Oil and energy

Scaffolding software solutions for planning services

Layher’s software solutions are easy-to-use and reliable, allowing clients to design the commercial and technical planning aspects of their project.

The programmes are used for scaffolding planning, optimised use of material capacities and full-cost transparency at every stage of a project.

For special projects, Layher develops customised solutions and special components for even the most uncommon challenge.

Scaffolding accessories and modular components

Layher’s wide range of scaffolding accessories and components revolves around well-engineered, modular inter-functionality.

The intelligent system technology and design maximises its flexibility, minimises planning costs and provides fast and easy assembly without expensive changes, so large-scale projects can be economically completed.

Layher’s scaffolding accessories include:

  • Advance guardrails
  • Anchors, castors, hardware and jacks
  • Clampable rosette
  • Console brackets, couplers and scaffold tubes
  • Edge-protection railing clamps
  • Steel-toe boards
  • Telescopic decks, guardrails and stabilisers

The company is the official North American dealer for scaffolding products in the US and Canada, and also works throughout Europe, Asia and South America.

As a pioneer of integrated scaffolding systems, Layher has continued to keep up with the latest industry engineering advances and product developments for more than 65 years.

Layher’s wide range of easy-to-assemble, high-quality scaffolding products are among the most reliable and safe solutions on the market.

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