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Access and Stairway Towers

Layher Access and Stairway Towers

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Layher North America offers a complete range of temporary access and special application stairways. Constructed using Allround® Scaffolding components with standard layouts of 10, 12 or 16 legs, Layher stair towers meet all US safety standards.

Layher stairway towers can be used for a range of applications from internal access to public use and offer benefits including:

  • Safety – All access systems and stairs manufactured by Layher North America meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and building codes for public access and construction.
  • High Load Capacity – All Layher access systems have a high-load capacity, making work at maximum building heights possible and safe. Varied working platforms are available.
  • Quick and simple setup – A combination of lightweight design and connection technology makes erection and dismantling quick and easy while maintaing structural integrit.
  • Flexibility – Layher stairways and access sytems have a modular design for maximum flexibility. Different exit heights for construction and public stairway towers are available.

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