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Maximum Industries Continues Expansion into Aerospace, Power Generation and Oil and Gas Markets

With the implementation of AS9100 Rev. B, five-axis waterjet capabilities, and high-speed routing, Maximum has been solicited by area companies to bid on projects only a handful of suppliers can tackle. Lockheed Martin, Bell Helicopter, and Halliburton are the most recent to take advantage of these added services.

Maximum Industries has continued expansion in the slowing economy to make the company stronger, more diversified and capable of servicing niche markets and applications within these markets. A combination of multiple technologies has provided the best solutions in many situations; whether it be laser and waterjet or waterjet and machining, Maximum Industries has been able to provide the highest quality, lowest cost answer.

The addition of a 50,000rpm spindle has provided the answer for burr-free cutting on aluminum parts used in the manufacture of rotor blades and five-axis warterjet capability solved the problem of cutting expansion slots in down-hole drill pipe couplers after traditional machining processes were completed. Waterjet drilling of precision holes into titanium and inconel parts using its multi-axis systems is an application Maximum should soon be undertaking.

Maximum Industries will be attending Power-Gen International from 14-16 December 2010. This year the show will be held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Maximum will be in booth #341 with Rodie Woodard, John Bowling and Charles Oliphant.

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