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Time Display, Distribution and Synchronization Systems

Mobatime is the leading brand name for innovative time display, distribution and synchronization systems.

Moser-Baer AG,
Spitalstrasse 7,
CH-3454 Sumiswald,

Moser-Baer AG,
Spitalstrasse 7,
CH-3454 Sumiswald,

Mobatime is the leading brand name for innovative time display, distribution and synchronization systems.

Industrial, master, slave, analogue and digital clocks

Mobatime offers a full range of clock products, e.g. industrial clock systems, master and slave clocks, analogue and digital clocks, indoor and outdoor clocks as well as stand-alone clocks (e.g. synchronized by DCF or GPS) or clocks synchronized by various time codes.

Façade clocks, customised clocks and time-synchronization instruments

Mobatime manufactures façade clocks of diameters up to 900cm, custom-made design clocks and time and frequency synchronization instruments or NTP timeservers.

Power-generation time distribution, display and synchronization systems

Mobatime provides the power generation and distribution market with state-of-the-art time distribution, display and synchronization systems

The largest projects Mobatime has undertaken in the field of power generation and distribution have included time and frequency synchronization systems as well as distributed time systems and displays.

Transmission system for clocks and synchronization equipment

MOBALine is a two-wire transmission system for maintenance-free self-setting slave clocks and remotely synchronized computer-based systems.

Time distribution technology

Wireless time distribution (WTD) time distribution technology offers high flexibility for new time systems or the extension of existing clock systems in a convenient way.

Time synchronization for Ethernet LAN

Time over Ethernet (ToE) is a precise, cost-effective time-synchronization system for all Ethernet LAN clients. Considerable advantages can be gained by using networks for time synchronization of clocks, clock systems and timeservers.

Master clock equipment

Mobatime offers a wide range of master clock equipment. For small applications, standardized products, and medium-sized applications can be served with a modular approach. For high-end applications, Mobatime has developed a unique main master clock system.

Clock and time-synchronization system electric power plant references

References (major projects only) include the following:

  • E.ON Netz, Grossmehring, Germany
  • Electric power plant, Brusio, Switzerland
  • Electric power plant, Funchal, Portugal
  • Electric power plant, Oman, UAE
  • Electric power plant, Pakistan
  • Electric power plant, Pontal Delgada, Azores
  • Electric power plant, Portugal
  • Electric power plant, Ras-Abu-Fontas, Qatar
  • Electric power plant, Tehran, Iran
  • Electric power plant, "ABB Iran", Tehran, Iran
  • Electric power plant, "Azores", Wärtsilä, Finland
  • Electric power plant, "Bujagali", Kampala, Uganda
  • Electric power plant, "Nhon Trach", Vietnam
  • Electric power plant, "Saudi Electricity", Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Electric power plant, "Svenska Kraftnät", Stockholm, Sweden
  • Electric power plant, Heraklion, Crete
  • Electric power plant, Azores Islands, Portugal
  • Electric power plant, BKK, Norway
  • Electric power plant, CANRCC, Egypt
  • Electric power plant, Cobee, Bolivia
  • Electric power plant, Dominican Republic
  • Electric power plant, GECOL Tripoli, Libya
  • Electric power plant, LDC Time Base, Oman
  • Electric power plant, Malawi, Africa
  • Electric power plant, New Dubai, Dubai
  • Electric power plant, Wallgrove, Australia
  • Electric power plant, Waratha, Australia
  • Electric power plant, Jebel Ali, Dubai
  • Electric power plant "Stattnett", Oslo, Norway
  • Electric power plant ATACAMA, Antofagasta, Chile
  • Electric power plant CBK, Philippines
  • Electric power plant Komotini, Greece
  • Electric power plant Metropolitan Water District, California, US
  • Electric power plants, Ghana, Africa

Other clock and time-synchronization system power plant references

  • Electric steam-power plant "Rheinhafen", Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Electricity distribution company, Zürich, Switzerland
  • Electricity distribution system, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Frequency converter station (Swiss Railways), Seebach, Switzerland
  • Iran national control center, Tehran, Iran
  • National power project (two installations), Nigeria, Africa
  • Nuclear power station, Leibstadt, Switzerland
  • Nuclear power station, Olkiluoto, Finland
  • Saudi media systems, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia
  • Termal power station EFACEC, Portugal
  • Nuclear power station Gösgen, Switzerland
  • Nuclear power plant Beznau, Switzerland
  • Vilyuiskaya hydroelectric power station (HEPS) – time distribution system
  • Volzhskaya HEPS – time distribution system
  • Nizhegorodskaya HEPS – time distribution system

About Moser-Baer

Mobatime is a brand name of Moser-Baer. Founded in 1938, Moser-Baer has always focused on meeting customers’ individual requirements, leading to a continuous process of product innovation and engineering of cutting-edge systems. It provides a wide range of both standard instruments and customized components.

Musandam Independent Power Project (IPP)

Musandam Independent Power Project (IPP) is a 120MW gas-fired power plant developed by Musandam Power Company (MPC) in the Musandam region of northern Oman.

Time Over Ethernet: State-of-the-Art for IP-Based Time Distribution

Technology of time distribution systems has evolved over time. In the last century synchronisation of slave clocks was based on minute or second impulses in a two-wire cabling installation. No diagnosis and setting function was available in impulse mode.

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