Reliability Works has been providing optimized asset management strategies to clients in the utilities, power generation, mining, oil and gas industries for over 25 years. Our team of engineers utilize their experience and proven tools to analyze, optimize and recommend workable strategies that improve the operational efficiency of mission-critical industrial and commercial equipment.

Reliability engineering services for power plant risk and asset management

Utilize our reliability engineering expertise and help to reduce risk, manage assets and meet availability, safety and environmental targets.

We recognize that reliability engineering can be a step change for some organizations – changing the focus from fixing a problem, to managing an asset and preventing failures. Our team’s expertise in leading-edge reliability practices enables our clients to successfully meet the availability, safety and environmental targets, outlined in their company objectives, and to successfully make the cultural change to a focus on reliability.

Reliability-centered power plant maintenance

Reliability-centered power plant maintenance can and does:

A transformer (rectiformer) is a critical component in a continuously operating plant. We conducted RCM analysis to determine the optimum preventive and inspection program.
Reliability engineering tools were utilized to optimize the maintenance and spare parts plans for this 300kV switchyard.
Extremely high reliability is required for this 300kV SF-6 breaker, which is critical protective equipment. This was achieved through a thorough FMEA analysis and subsequent RCM.
Reliability on dam sites is essential to minimize the risk of dam breach during extreme weather events. Our team helped create highly reliable designs complete with sustainment programs for this vertical lift gate, and many others.
This project for powerhouse reliability required efficiency and persistence in order to optimize the maintenance and reliability of an entire 1GW powerhouse.
  • Improve business performance
  • Reduce risk
  • Cost up to 30% to 40% less than traditional maintenance
  • Address failures based on the likelihood of failures occurring and their consequence, rather than waiting for failures to occur
  • Focus on managing equipment function and performance
  • Assess the likely impact of failure and plan for appropriate actions

Reliability engineering services for power plant performance

Our services provide the connection between management objectives, engineering and maintenance/ops groups to optimize asset performance in the context of the business. Our clients improve their business decision-making and profitability by linking solid engineering with corporate objectives. Engage our engineering expertise to increase
reliability, improve availability and determine the root cause of failures. Our reliability services include:

  • System design optimization
  • RBD analysis (RBD)
  • Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA)
  • Root cause analysis (RCA)
  • Reliability-centered maintenance strategies (RCM)
  • Lifecycle costing, spare parts and maintenance optimization
  • Decision-making support
  • HAZOP analysis
  • Probabilistic safety analysis (PSA)
  • Capital project programs (including OMA costing from optioneering at design stage)
  • Project management
  • Up-skill training

Reliability engineering for power plant components

We utilize engineering tools to increase the reliability and improve the availability of equipment, such as: turbines, spillways, switch gear, generators, motors, pumps, hydraulic systems, exciters, cranes, engines, compressors, conveyors, cooling systems, HVAC and gear boxes.

We have a client-centric culture and are recognized as the preferred asset, maintenance, safety and reliability engineering firm by all of our clients.