After a successful year 2010 Reliability Works is looking forward to 2011 and already off to a running start. The provider of optimized asset management strategies will be presenting at the CEATI Conference in Las Vegas and has been asked to run a two-day workshop at the World Engineering Congress in Bangkok.

To help organizations understand the ‘how-to’ in meeting
availability, safety and environmental targets, Reliability Works will provide an overview of an effective reliability program at the CEATI Conference in Las Vegas this year. The overview is based on a wholistic reliability program, which Reliability Works has recommended to a hydro producer in
British Columbia, Canada. The presentation will touch on the basic principles of reliability and introduce you to powerful and new decision-making tools.

In February, Reliability Works will be attending the Generation Summit in Florida where like minds can come together and discuss options and benefits of reliability engineering and how an effective and successfully implemented reliability and maintenance program will increase profits by reducing downtime and optimizing scheduled maintenance tasks.

The Small Hydro Conference in Vancouver in April is a must-attend event, where Reliability Works will demonstrate its latest innovations. This is also an opportunity for us to discuss how our tools help:

  • Improve the reliability of equipment by identifying all failure modes
  • Define an optimized strategy to mitigate each failure mode
  • Establish a definite link between maintenance performance and business results
  • Quantify and minimize safety and environmental risks
  • Establish zero-based labor and parts forecasts
  • Optimize spare parts inventory resulting in reduced inventory costs
  • Predict overall system performance
  • Optimize design decisions and redundancy levels
  • Identify and eliminate bottlenecks

To learn more about Reliability Works please contact us via our website.