TransAlta a Canadian based company with its head office in Calgary has awarded TransCanada Turbines Ltd.(TCT) 2 full 50,000 hour overhauls on 2 of its LM6000 PA engines. TCT developed a unique pricing structure to perform the work.

TransAlta, founded in 1911 is an international power generator and whole sale marketer of electricity. TransAlta generates electricity - fueled by coal, natural gas, water, geothermal energy and wind - and sells it to wholesale customers in various regions of Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Australia. The two LM6000 engines are from TransAlta’s Mississauga and Ottawa Co-Generation facilities in Ontario, Canada. TCT will be servicing these engines at the Airdrie facility.

These are the fleet leading engines in terms of hours for the LM6000 with approximately 100,000 hours since new.

Eddy Stitt, VP Sales and Service at TCT said, "These are the first LM6000 packages installed in North America, and TransAlta has decided to use TCT because of our TAT, Quality, and Cost savings."

The engines are scheduled to ship in July and September 2006.