Michael Guelck is Chevron Lubricants’ business developer for Gas Engine products – Europe. He has more than 32 years specialising in the worldwide gas engine market.

What are the biggest issues facing users of today’s natural gas engines?

Higher temperatures on pistons, new piston designs and materials, piston deposits causing abrasive wear, reduced oil consumption rates, lower methane numbers in gas causing pre-ignition, engine derating and reduced lubricant life.

How does a product such as Texaco HDAX 9200 help?

The latest generation of advanced technology is specifically designed to extend lubricant life and minimise deposits in the engine. The low ash formulation works with varying gas qualities to provide extended drain periods and reduced deposits in the engine.

What are the biggest concerns customer’s talk to you about?

Reduced drain periods and component life due to changes in engine design and varying gas qualities. TBN retention in the lubricant is becoming the critical measurement for oil drain life.