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Reliability-Based Lubrication for the Power Generation Industry

Texaco is one of the worlds’ leading integrated energy companies, marketing its lubricants in Europe.

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Texaco is one of the worlds’ leading integrated energy companies, marketing its lubricants in Europe.

The company is driven by strong expertise and commitment and its application of leading technologies. With many years of experience in the landfill gas, digester gas and biogas businesses of the power generation industry, Texaco understands that safety and dependability are key.

The Texaco HDAX range of gas engine oils and extended life coolants are designed to support 24 hour-operational reliability. These premium products offer high-performance component protection, enabling low-maintenance engine performance and maximum system uptime.

Reliable lubrication solutions for the energy sector

Texaco’s reliability-based lubrication approach to power generation is not simply about advanced lubrication technology and optimised equipment performance, it’s about contributing to customer commercial performance, profitability and competitive advantage.

Texaco is taking the global lead in the supply of Group II base oil technology for lubricants.
Texaco has a range of lubricants, greases and coolants for many applications in the power generation industry.
Texaco's reliability-based lubrication approach to power generation contributes to commercial performance and competitive advantage.

And it doesn’t stop there: Texaco’s many years of experience working with power generation customers, understanding their needs and the demands of their equipment, means that our customers have the confidence to know they can rely on our expertise and the leading-edge support services we offer to maintain that advantage.

Texaco’s long-term expertise and experience in advanced lubrication development and customer service covers almost all areas of power generation operation – and whether it’s guidance on lubrication technology and solutions; reliable, timely technical service; or simply streamlined invoicing and administration – we’ve got you covered.

Group II base oil for lubricants

The rapid evolution of power generation industries over recent years has meant that lubricant manufacturers have needed to continually develop products formulated to meet the increasing challenges of more compact power-units, higher power density and higher engine temperatures, along with increasingly stringent emissions legislation requirements. Traditionally, these challenges have been met with the development of ever-more complex and costly synthetic lubricants.

These synthetics have been successful, if costly. Moreover, conventional mineral base oils are also now becoming less effective in meeting high specification, low emissions power-plant requirements.

That’s why Texaco is taking the global lead in the supply of Group II base oil technology, in order to deliver the high-performance lubrication solutions needed to meet the challenges our power generation customers face.

Texaco aims to achieve this through the expansion programme now taking place at the Pascagoula refinery in Mississippi, US. The additional manufacturing capacity this will bring on stream will allow Texaco to become the world’s largest producer of premium base oils, with an expected 61,000 US barrels per day capacity.

Lubricants, greases and coolants for the power generation industry

This revolution in lubricant technology now underpins many premium Texaco product formulations, contributing to improved operational performance and equipment protection, extended oil drain periods, enhanced anti-oxidation performance and improved protection against in-service oil degradation.

Across the power generation sector, Texaco has a range of lubricants, greases and coolants for many applications. From gas, oil, wind and coal, to hydro, biomass, nuclear and hydrothermal, we have a solution.

Support services for power-industry lubricants

The advanced Texaco lubricant product range is one half of a long and powerful story. Over and above its comprehensive technical services, Texaco offers power generation customers the support they need to not only maintain the competitive edge, but to optimise commercial efficiency. This covers everything from ensuring reliable, on-time lubricant delivery, through working with customers to certify lubricant budgets and planned expenditure, to streamlining paperwork to confirm order and invoice accuracy.

Oil analysis programme for power generation equipment

The Texchek oil analysis programme is designed to assist in optimising equipment service life and lubricant drain intervals. It is also designed to identify other lubricant-related needs, to help understand the changing status and condition of equipment, and assist in reducing unscheduled downtime and potentially catastrophic equipment failure.

Computerised tool for power generation equipment maintenance

Computex is a powerful computerised tool designed to focus on planned and preventative maintenance through a targeted lubrication programme. Computex allows power generation maintenance professionals to input specific equipment information and manage optimal maintenance schedules suited to equipment type, your schedule and to your organisation and its requirements.

Performance analysis services for the power generation industry

Texaco offers a range of on-site audits aimed at contributing to power generation operational efficiency, performance and safety. These services also include plant lubrication surveys, health, environment, and safety audits, as well as wear and failure analysis.

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  • HDAX 9200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil SAE 40

    HDAX 9200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil SAE 40 is a premium-performance low-ash, dispersancy and detergency-type gas engine lubricant, offering robust component protection even under heavy loads, and is designed for use in natural gas applications.

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