VJIKKS ENGG POWER Successfully Completes Commissioning of Chlorine Gas Dosing System for 5N PLUS, Canada - Power Technology | Energy News and Market Analysis
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VJIKKS ENGG POWER Successfully Completes Commissioning of Chlorine Gas Dosing System for 5N PLUS, Canada

VJIKKS ENGG POWER has successfully completed commissioning of chlorine gas dosing system for a world leading special metal producer 5N PLUS, Canada.

VJIKKS ENGG POWER has been growing from strength to strength by venturing into other industries other than power industry.

Equipped with a team of personnel with strong process knowledge about every system in a conventional fossil fuel fired power plants, including combined cycle gas turbine plants, VJIKKS ENGG POWER boldly entered into other industry, securing a project from 5N Plus, Canada in the beginning of the year 2014.

5N Plus Canada is the leading producer of specialty metal and chemical products. The company deploys a range of proprietary and proven technologies to produce products, which are used in a number of pharmaceutical, electronic, and industrial applications.

A specialty refinery plant is being set up by 5N Plus in one of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries. The refinery plant requires pure chlorine dosing system to inject chlorine in a very fine and controlled manner into Bismuth Refinery Process.

VJIKKS ENGG POWER has a team of personnel experienced in electro chlorination and gas chlorination systems in power plants, with clear and high-confidence design, engineering, and manufacturing skills. After delivering all the materials according to the schedule, the installation of the system was also successfully completed in May 2014.

However, due to some delay in the main Bismuth Refinery Plant installation, the commissioning of the Chlorine Gas Dosing system was postponed by the customer until May 2015.

Having combined with erection, commissioning, operation, and maintenance experience of power plants, the system designed, engineered, manufactured, and installed by VJIKKS ENGG POWER was successfully commissioned in the month of May 2015, together with the main refinery plant, and its crucibles.

During commissioning, since it was a new process, there were many challenges to be faced with respect to understanding the actual Bismuth Refinery Process and to modify the logics of chlorine gas dosing system as it affects the quality of Bismuth.

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