Voith Hydro Services specializes in field machining, cavitation repair and outage services for the hydropower generation industry. Using state-of-the art equipment, Voith Hydro Services maintains and repairs hydroelectric equipment, with a focus on custom solutions and on-site work. Our services prolong the life of turbine and runner components and significantly reduce outage downtime. Our environmentally friendly repair solutions restore components to meet OEM standards.

Cavitation repair

Cavitation occurs on all types of turbine runners, pump impellers and associated equipment. Cavitation erodes the turbine material, reducing efficiency and shortening equipment life. It can even cause major equipment failures. Voith Hydro Services has extensive cavitation repair experience. We perform specialized welding procedures and controlled heat distortion to restore hydraulic profiles and prolong the life of the runner, and ultimately the turbine components.

Spherical / butterfly valve repair

Our valve repair services are designed to return spherical and butterfly valves to their original OEM specifications. We can even improve valves so that they meet today’s higher industry standards. We can also repair or modify:

  • Machining seals
  • Rotor ball seal seats
  • Flange faces
  • Valve trunnions

Vertical pump repair services

Our repair services return vertical pumps to their original OEM standards. We have successfully modernized the carbon-steel embedded components of some of America’s most important municipal water supply and irrigation districts.

Voith Hydro Services has extensive cavitation repair experience.
Our valve repair services return spherical and butterfly valves to their original OEM specifications.
Our vertical pump repair services are designed to get the machine operating as soon as possible.
We offer on-site crack repair for hydroelectric equipment.
We perform grout placement for repaired hydroelectric equipment.

Replacing cavitated carbon-steel pump components with stainless steel provides excellent durability, thereby reducing maintenance cost and unit down time. We can assist with any aspect of pump repair. We get repairs done quickly in order to get the machine operating again as soon as possible.

On-site crack repair of hydroelectric equipment

We offer on-site repair of cracked runners, stay vanes, stay rings, head covers, bottom rings, thrust bridges, rotor and stator frames. We know how important it is to fix cracks and keep your equipment in pristine condition, but we also recognize the importance of finding the root cause of cracks, to reduce your repair costs in the future.

Grout placement for repaired hydroelectric equipment

Placing grout behind repaired areas fills voids and stabilizes unit components, which decreases operational failures caused by fatigue. The repair of embedded components often creates voids between the component and its structure concrete support. To eliminate these voids and fully support the component, we have developed systems to inject either a cementitious grout or an epoxy resin.

With placements exceeding 100 cubic yards or as little as a gallon, we bring the required experience to meet the specific needs of each job.

Turbine runner repair

Our team uses semi-automatic welding processes to repair runners. This technique helps you decrease downtime and increase productivity. Our runner repair services work hand-in-hand with cavitation and crack repair, giving you a full range of equipment restoration.

Stay vane repair

We offer a full complement of work practices to repair your existing stay vane problems. We can repair existing cavitation or fractures, modify the hydraulic profile to meet engineered changes and/or add engineered extensions to existing stay vanes. If necessary the entire stay vane can be replaced.

Discharge ring and draft tube liner repair

We can perform discharge ring and draft tube liner repair with or without the runner installed. The replacement rolled steel plate is cut to size, anchored in place and welded to OEM standards.