Emerson has released AMS Inspection Rounds, which is a new application for the AMS Trex Device Communicator.

The application will make it easier for operations teams to capture, report, and respond to abnormal plant conditions that pose risks to reliability, safety, and performance. It allows personnel to accurately record field condition data and automatically deliver it to other plant systems where decision makers can drive effective action.

Most plants rely on manual inspection rounds to detect abnormal plant conditions not identified by sensors. With AMS Inspection Rounds, operators can electronically record any abnormal or hazardous conditions immediately, including unusual equipment noise, spills, smells, excessive corrosion or safety hazards. Condition data can be entered on the ruggedised AMS Trex in real-time and timestamped for compliance and audit requirements.

AMS Inspection Rounds delivers condition data to other plant systems via a wired or secure wi-fi connection, eliminating the need for manual entry. It also provides automated workflows to operations and maintenance personnel while they are in the field, ensuring the complete, consistent and repeatable collection of condition data.

“Route-based inspections are a key line of defence for identifying abnormal and unsafe conditions that may reduce efficiency or put personnel in danger,” said Mani Janardhanan, vice president of product management, Plantweb and reliability solutions, Emerson Automation Solutions. “AMS Inspection Rounds helps ensure that issues impacting safety and reliability are detected, reported, and resolved earlier.”

With clear dashboards of routes, status, alerts, and action items, users can identify, schedule and coordinate steps for resolving issues more quickly. Electronic recording of route data saves hours of time typically lost in transcribing paper notes to electronic media and simplifies the generation of audit trails, freeing personnel to focus on more important tasks. Operations and maintenance teams can also access historical data to identify and eliminate the root causes of recurring problems.

For more information on AMS Inspection Rounds, please contact the company via the enquiry form.