METKA is pleased to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with International Power Supply (IPS), the manufacturer of the award-winning Exeron off-grid power system.

Off-grid applications represent a quickly growing segment of the global power solutions market, driven by the continually improving economics of solar PV and battery storage technology. Important end-use markets include off-grid telecommunications infrastructure, remote power solutions for oil & gas production and pipelines, and electrification of off-grid communities.

Under the agreement METKA will become a strategic investor in IPS with a 10% stake by means of capital increase by euro10mio, enabling the company to fund a significant expansion of its production capacity, and to further develop its market leading position in off-grid power applications globally.

Additionally, METKA has undertaken exclusive rights for the Exeron system in several of its existing key markets as well as an option for acquiring a further 10% stake with the same mechanism and cash contribution, while IPS and METKA will jointly pursue major off-grid power opportunities around the world.