Following the market launch of the 60-Hz product range toward the end of last year, MWM continued to push ahead with its product campaign. The Mannheim-based company will shortly present an improved engine generation with substantially improved efficiency at the Power Gen Europe 2009. The series powered with natural gas and special gas reaches very high values and raises the bar for other gensets currently available in the market.

MWM is one of the world’s leading providers of decentralised energy generation plants. The engines of the models TCG 2016, 2020, and 2032, which are produced in Mannheim, Germany, will reflect the increased values in various packages to be released in the course of the year.

All engines run on natural gas or special gases like sewage gas, biogas, and landfill gas. A new aspect is that the output of all biogas-powered engines is just as high as that of natural-gas engines. Axel Weber, CEO of MWM, explained the reasons for this important innovation: “Due to the high substrate prices, high efficiency and modest fuel consumption are vital issues for biogas plants.”

Apart from the existing V12 and V16 variants, the TCG 2016 C is now also offered as a V8 engine. The eight-cylinder variant generates up to 400kWel, achieving an electrical efficiency of 42.5% under ISO conditions. The V12 and V16 now generate 600kWel and 800kWel, respectively, reaching an electrical efficiency of 42.0% and 42.5%, respectively. Thus, the engines boast an individual efficiency increase of up to 4.3%.

The MWM genset series TCG 2020 features a twelve-cylinder model, a sixteen-cylinder model and a twenty-cylinder model. The output of these gas engines has been increased to 1,200/1,560/2,000kWel, which represents an electrical efficiency increase of up to 3.3%.

The efficiency of the gas engines of the TCG 2032 series has also been increased considerably. Since March of this year, package A has been providing users with an output of 3,000kWel for the V12 variant and 4,000kWel for the sixteen-cylinder model. The increase of approximately 2.4% results in an effective efficiency of up to 43.0%. The second package B further increases the output of the V16 to 4300kWel, thereby achieving an efficiency of 43.5%. The total efficiency amounts to more than 87%.

Within the new output categories, the increased electrical efficiency ultimately enables annual fuel cost savings of up to 52.6%.

By presenting the more powerful gas engines, the traditional company established by Carl Benz has again set a new standard in terms of economy and efficiency, thereby initiating a trend for the global energy market.