After two years of constant development, the new version of the TCG 2032 (the largest MWM genset) was launched in January 2012. Optimised spark plugs and turbocharger technology have resulted in electrical efficiency of up to 44.2% with an output of 3,333 to 4,300kWe (in the V12 and V16 cylinder versions).

Thanks to excellent operational experience, the period of operation up to the major overhaul has been increased from 64,000 hours to 80,000 hours.

After the successful launch of the TCG 2020K in April 2010, MWM extended its product range in the autumn of the same year to include the TCG 2020K1, which delivers up to 1,000 kWe. This new genset with electrical efficiency of up to 40% can be operated with natural gas under many different environmental conditions.

It combines low operating and maintenance costs with the dynamic load response capabilities and robustness of the tried and tested TCG 2020K series. Customers are thus guaranteed an excellent price-performance ratio and a shorter amortization period. Furthermore, nano-coated intercoolers also improve operational safety when the intake air is of poor quality.

MWM recently launched an improved TCG 2016 C which can also be used with biogas. It is available for both 50 and 60 Hz. The TCG 2016 C series is available in the V8, V12 and V16 versions. Systematic optimisation of the ignition and the TEM (Total Electronic Management) control system guarantee improved load balancing over all the cylinders.

The anti-knocking controller has also undergone further improvement. The combination of optimized throttle valves, a new actuator for the gas mixer and a nano-coated intercooler ensures that the genset lasts even longer and is even less sensitive to external influences. Thanks to these improvement measures, the new genset achieves a maximum efficiency of 42.8% with biogas.