Turbine Technology Services (TTS), a full-service gas turbine engineering services firm based in Orlando, Florida, is making waves in the power generation industry with its CMS-1000 combustion dynamics measurement system (CDMS), which monitors combustor dynamics in advanced class gas turbines – the most important component in a power plant.

The CMS-1000 from TTS has been designed to meet stronger emissions control demands for power plants, allowing the system to be used as either portable or permanently installed equipment in gas turbines to facilitate the optimization of its combustion system while taking control of plant emissions.

In addition, the CMS-1000 can be integrated with Turbine Technology Services’ TMS-1000 gas turbine control system to allow for an integrated turbine control system which incorporates combustor dynamics monitoring – and with the inclusion of the TTS auto-tune function, the integrated system is the first of its kind offered by an aftermarket service provider.

Given its experience in the modernization and upgrading of gas turbine equipment and technology, TTS has developed the CMS-1000 to exceed OEM capabilities and enhance existing turbine instrumentation and controls such as that of ubiquitous GE gas turbines in operation in hundreds of power plants worldwide.

Orders for this type of combustion monitoring technology have been noticeable in North America, Europe and Asia as a result of increased demand for supply-side solutions that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with power generation operations.

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