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Gas Turbine Engineering Services

As part of the TTS Energy Services portfolio that includes Reciprocating Technology Services, TTS is an OEM alternative that offers agility, innovation and experience in delivering industry-leading aftermarket parts, modernisation, optimisation, upgrading and custom services for our power generation and compression industry clients.

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As part of the TTS Energy Services portfolio that includes Reciprocating Technology Services, TTS is an OEM alternative that offers agility, innovation and experience in delivering industry-leading aftermarket parts, modernisation, optimisation, upgrading and custom services for our power generation and compression industry clients.

Controls and control panels for heavy industrial gas turbines

When combining our controls knowledge and gas turbine know-how with an open architecture / non-proprietary solution, customers are able to decrease plant operating expenses and increase flexibility and availability while reducing risk.

Conversions, modifications and upgrades for the power sector

Gas Turbine Technology is in a continuous state of expansion and transformation through the use of new materials, components, control techniques, and protection systems.

The application of these technical improvements benefit existing installed fleets by increasing reliability and efficiency, extending asset life, and reducing operating and maintenance costs.

TTS' turbine control systems are built on the most advanced programmable controller platforms available today - these systems are designed using the latest in distributed control philosophy.
Fuel System Conversions - Fuel cost and availability have become critical for gas turbine users. The ability to switch fuels is an important competitive advantage - operators need options.
Commissioning Services -No matter if your power plant is stationary or mounted to a barge, TTS has managed or served in leadership roles in more than 30,000,000 horsepower.
Outage Kits - TTS field service outage consumable kits are distributed to your site well in advance of your outage start date and in a single waterproof container.
Surplus Equipment & Unit Relocations - We are ready to quickly and efficiently turn gas turbines into successful operating assets.
Key Platform Benefits • Maximizing Base Load Output and Efficiency • Improve Load Flexibility • Fast Start Program Processes • DLN-Auto-Tuning for Seasonal and Load Variations
Portable Power - Mobile, temporary or distributed power is needed now more than ever and the industry is growing rapidly.
TMOS -Maximum Performance / Minimal Hassle -Replacement HMI for existing and new turbine operator interface systems, and balance of plant control system interfaces for gas and steam turbine applications.
Lodestar™ is useful software that helps turbine operators with parts lifecycle management.

Engineering and on-site services for gas turbine operations

TTS’ production and on-site facilities are essential for the successful completion of an assignment and the operations of power plant equipment. Our engineering specialists deliver practical assessments and solutions for gas turbine operators.

Operators, utilities, independent power producers and private sector enterprises have us on-site to make sure:

  • The execution is flawless
  • That safety matters most
  • Engineering designs are implemented effectively
  • Contractors and suppliers are supervised
  • Evaluations are thorough
  • Plant interfaces are coordinated

Our field engineering staff are experienced and ready to travel to any location in the world to support your needs.

Gas turbine parts supply services for energy applications

TTS has built a strong reputation in the power generation business as an experienced parts and service supplier for gas turbines. Services include:

  • Support for heavy duty industrial and aero-derivative gas turbines manufactured by GE, Westinghouse, and Pratt & Whitney
  • Extensive network of parts manufacturers
  • Combustion parts support for both older standard diffusion combustion systems and more recent low-emission systems
  • Prepackaged consumable parts outage kits for GE frame units CI, HGP and majors delivered to site prior to your outage and picked up once your operational again
  • Turbine auxiliary system parts including valves, regulators, and coolers
  • Electrical and instrumentation parts, including protective relays, transmitters, and switches
  • Control system parts for turbines and generators
  • International shipping and logistics support
  • Engineered solutions for hard to find or obsolete components

Turbine installation and reapplication services

No matter where a turbine is situated, our team is able to fix and reapply it quickly and proficiently.

The TTS team assists turbine installation and reapplication requirements worldwide, offering a comprehensive package of services to guarantee that capital investment is taken care of before, during and after reapplication.

We have the unique knowledge required for successful relocation projects and our engineering team has the specialised skill set to deliver a complete solution.

Performance services for increased performance and component life

DynaFlex Performance™ provides operators with a broad range of products and services that maximize gas turbine output and efficiency, optimise DLN combustor dynamics and emissions, and enhance operative flexibility.

Before a DynaFlex solution is suggested, TTS assigns specific engineers to carefully review clients’ needs and to help them to establish goals. The engineers then tailor a solution that addresses the unit’s operating restrictions, plant requirements, and business objectives.

All the services illustrated below are applicable to one or more of the following GT models and combustion systems: 7FA DLN-2.6, 6FA DLN-2, DLN-2.6, 9FA DLN-2+, DLN-2.6+, and 7EA / 6B / 5P DLN-1.

Light industrial turbines for power plant deployment

TTS supports the light industrial and aero-derivative gas turbines for such OEM’s, including Solar®, Allison©, Ruston©, Alstom©, Siemens© and Rolls Royce©. Our worldwide customer base is as diverse as the variety of applications for these turbines, from mobile and stationary applications, power generation and service companies, oil rig operators, and compressor stations, both on and off-shore. TTS is a feasible and reliable substitute to the OEM and provides maintenance, repairs and overhauls, field and site services, as well as fleet operations and maintenance programmes.

About Turbine Technology Services

Based in Orlando, Florida, US, our team of 40+ engineering professionals has travelled millions of miles to over 90 countries serving more than 400 clients. We are ready to travel anywhere, often short notice, to put our expertise to work providing innovative solutions to power generation facilities across the globe.

With over 30 years of experience providing technical solutions in the power generation industry, TTS has managed hundreds of gas turbine installations and modernisation projects, along with the provisioning of innovative and unique engineering solutions.

White Papers

  • GE Frame 5PA Upgrade Motivated by Forced Outage

    A paper products plant in the Southeast was planning for a major spring 2017 inspection for their Frame 5. Preparations were well underway in October 2016 when, suddenly, the unit tripped on high vibration.

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