Turbine Technology Services (TTS) was founded in March 1983. The company’s first assignment was in Saudi Arabia and concerned taking over the operations of a 7EA power plant.

This was a high-pressure project; the Prince was known to imprison operators that did not produce the power necessary for a special birthday party or event. The project lasted 2 ½ years and no one was imprisoned.

But this announcement isn’t so much about our history and what we were, but more about what we have become and where we are going. Our team of 40+ engineering professionals has travelled millions of miles to over 90 countries serving more than 400 clients managing hundreds of gas turbine installations and modernisation projects, along with providing innovative and integrated engineering solutions.

We are part of the TTS Energy Services portfolio of companies, and, with our sister company Reciprocating Technology Services, we are positioned for growth. As an alternative to the OEMs, both organisations offer agility, innovation and experience delivering industry-leading aftermarket parts, modernisation, optimisation, upgrading and custom services for our power generation and gas compression / transmission clients.

“This is an exciting time to be connected to such a great team of engineers and professionals who live and breathe customer-centric values, power generation and technology innovation,” said George Gramatikas, founder of TTS.

Today the power generation industry is experiencing disruption of unprecedented scope and speed. OEMs are laying off employees and struggling to restructure their organisations.

TTS Energy Services is not down-sizing, but rather up-sizing. Management has focused our innovative strengths on addressing the challenges in new markets and opportunities. Stay tuned for some new announcements about channel partners, new products and service offerings.