Turbine Technology Services (TTS), a full-service gas turbine engineering services firm based in Orlando, Florida, has engaged in a memorandum of understanding with PT Cogindo DayaBersama (CDB), a power plant management and engineering company which is wholly-owned by PT Indonesia Power. PT Indonesia Power is a subsidiary of PLN, which is Indonesia’s state electricity authority and owns power plants producing an output of more than 30,000MW throughout Indonesia.

TTS recently signed the agreement with CDB, which commits both companies to mutual cooperation to increase the companies’ business volume on projects related to turbo machinery, power generation, plant relocation, and other related areas of common interest to both companies in power plant engineering.

CDB manages power plants and related equipment in Indonesia and the MOU exemplifies how a large established power plant engineering and services company can benefit from a business relationship with an aftermarket turbine engineering company like TTS.

In recent years CDB has expanded its capabilities within the Indonesian power industry to undertake large engineering projects, including the building of an MFO fueled power plant in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. CDB is also now working closely with the Indonesian government to expand its portfolio to become a leading independent power producer (IPP) in Indonesia and has recently invested in the construction of a 20MW coal fired power plant in East Kalimantan, currently undergoing engineering development.

The recent agreement solidifies TTS’ commitment to assist CDB in developing its internal expertise in these areas, thus complementing their growth by supplying a vast amount of expert engineering and project planning knowledge, along with global execution experience.

"Indonesia and the rest of Southeast Asia is a major area of opportunity for TTS," said Pat Begley, VP of Sales for Europe, the Middle East and Asia at TTS. "The region’s challenge of aging power plants and turbine equipment along with rapidly growing demand is exactly where TTS excels and earned industry-wide recognition."

Pat Begley is a partner at TTS, responsible for business development and customer support in the EMEA region with three decades of power engineering sales experience on a global scale.