New Workshop at TTS Houston to Improve Efficiency for Oil and Gas Clients

Turbine Technology Services (TTS) and Voith recently added an actuator, governor and turbomachinery (AGT) test stand at the TTS Houston facility, US, in order to improve efficiency for Voith’s local oil and gas clients.

This development brings a support network of trained technicians to the Houston area, offering greater convenience.

TTS opened its facility in Houston in 2016 in conjunction with its sister company Reciprocating Technology Services (RTS). RTS has been working closely with Voith in a joint development effort to provide a new starting technology for large reciprocating engines that provide zero emissions and many other benefits.

TTS vice president Frank Hoegler said: “We loved the idea of bringing Voith into our shop.

“This partnership provides us the opportunity for a closer relationship with Voith and its Houston-area customers. What’s great is that TTS doesn’t compete with Voith, but we share a lot of mutual clients, so it’s a win-win situation for us and our customers.”

The AGT test stand has been up-and-running for over a month, explained Thad Berry, sales account manager at Voith Digital Solutions Inc.

“We’ve had people knocking on our door since day one,” Berry said. “Having a local, certified team of trained technicians means a lot to our Houston customers. They want a local support network that understands the actuators and their applications with the proper equipment, tools, and expertise to perform critical maintenance and emergency repairs.

“Actuators can be delivered directly from the field to Voith and its trained technicians – reducing the workload and time involved with shipping. That, in turn, means that repairs and maintenance can be completed faster, allowing for shorter outages.”

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