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Meeraner Dampfkesselbau’s Participation in the Waste-to-Energy Conference

Meeraner Dampfkesselbau and participants from more than 30 countries recently took part in the seventh Waste-to-Energy conference in Vienna, Austria.

Besides an interesting programme about the current issues of the European industry, the IRRC once again offered a great opportunity to meet politics, science and technology experts in the industry.

The exchange of experiences, ideas and concepts allowed effective cooperation and promoted development in the new EU-member states.

Topics discussed this year have been:

International developments

  • EU policies and developments
  • Country reports
  • Strategy

Waste incineration

  • Technology of waste incineration
  • Energy efficiency and use
  • Experience with materials and corrosion
  • Flue gas treatment
  • Example plants and experiences in the plant construction an operation

Alternative waste-to-energy processes

  • Mechanical-biological treatment
  • Utilisation of solid recovered fuels
  • Pyrolysis and gasification

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