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Explosion-Proof Pressure Switches Withstand Demanding Requirements of Hazardous Locations

Solon Manufacturing Co. a global leader in the development and manufacturing of the highest quality pressure switches for the oil and gas industry is featuring the 6PS Series of explosion-proof pressure switches. These rugged explosion-proof switches meet the demands of oil and gas production and are ideal for hazardous locations.

Improved Life and Lower Deadbands
The 6PS employs Solon’s unique, rugged, and sensitive switching mechanism. Unlike most “inline” pressure switch designs, the Solon mechanism is frictionless and amplifies the movement of the sensing element. This results in improved life, repeatability, and lower dead-bands. The ability to have up to four independently adjustable contacts in UL listed and CSA certified housings makes this model series unique in the industry.

These electric switches are avail
able in a variety of configurations including adjustable switch differential (dead band), D.P.D.T., High-Low operation, and manual reset.

The modular design of pressure-sensing elements used in all of Solon’s pressure switches allows a variety of models for different pressure applications. These applications include high pressure, differential pressure, vacuum, and vacuum-pressure models using diaphragms, bellows, and pistons for actuation.

Pressure Switches
Solon’s pressure switches are available in a variety of temperature and pressure ranges. Applications include process control, monitor flow, maintaining pressure and maintaining levels of processes with adjustable pressure ranges from full vacuum thru 0psi – 7.000psi including low-pressure ranges starting at 0WC – 1.5WC.

Since 1949, Solon Manufacturing Co. has grown to become a diversified manufacturer, featuring Industrial Controls and Belleville Springs for a variety of applications and industries world-wide. Solon’s Industrial Controls Division was the primary supplier of pressure switches used on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System.

Solon Belleville Springs® and Solon Flange Washers®

The division designs and builds pressure and temperature instruments for industries such as; petroleum, power generation, hydraulics and pneumatics, chemical, water filtration, petrochemical, agriculture, and many others. The Belleville springs division offers Solon Belleville Springs® and Solon Flange Washers® in a variety of materials and coatings for use in applications where high springs loads are required.

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