TES VSETÍN Backing the Innovations

TES VSETÍN is set to bring about innovations in production and technology in 2015.

To streamline the manufacturing process of electric rotating machines, which are exported worldwide by the Czech Republic’s leading exporter, specialised in generators for hydropower plants, the company is employing new-room facilities.

The incoming high-tech facilities will accelerate the production process, resulting in enhanced efficiency.

David Bečvář, the chief executive director of TES VSETÍN stated: "We are facing a demanding period of growth. We have invested a considerable sum in the new production systems

"It includes a test stand for vertical generator testing that has a power rating reaching up to 20MVA. In addition, there is a smart, high-speed winding machine for salient pole rotors of large machines.

"Both installations are being field tested now, and the results are superb. One terrific plus is that both of these modern machines have been designed and produced by our own people."

For TES VSETÍN, 2014 was a year of great success and the company is now readying itself for further productivity growth in years to come.

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