ARMSA delegates at the latest Managing Safely for Wind Power course held in the UK’s north nest have been quick to praise the content and delivery of this ground-breaking formula, which marks a deliberate move away from generic all-industry safety training courses. This totally unique IOSH accredited course, devised by ARMSA Consulting in collaboration with the UK’s leading wind power generation companies, is packed with relevant critical information for engineers and management working on and off shore and gets to the heart of the planning and design, construction, operations and maintenance issues which are specific to this sector.

At the end of the comprehensive five-day session, delegates were asked to provide their opinion on whether the course had changed their approach to health and safety management, what impact it will have on their business performance, which particular part was most beneficial and how this course compares to other health and safety courses available in the market.

Marcin Frost, Weir Group, says: "This course has certainly widened my insight about safety within an organisation and how it affects all managers within all departments. I am now seeing it through their eyes. Going forward, this means our business will have more clarity. Having that knowledge after the course is definitely going to help us."

He continues, "This course is completely different to other courses. It’s not the typical health and safety course. In fact, this completely changes my opinion to health and safety courses! I used to think they were boring and repetitive and irrelevant to what I’m doing on a daily basis but this course relates exactly to every single issue I come across in my workplace. It gives you all the information you need."

Neil Crudgington, REG Windpower, told us: "Managing Safely for Wind Power has given us a different insight into how to manage safety. I think we previously looked at it very much as a compliance issue whereas this course has really given us a focus. I can see where managing safety can actually benefit through the whole business. This perspective can actually change the way we approach things across the business and we can integrate safety in a more comprehensive way. Interestingly, the section focused on the performance side of the business gave us an idea of how to set targets; i.e. if you measure something it tends to get better. This course definitely gives you essential and relevant tools so I would say it’s been really useful. Safety courses don’t tend to have a good reputation, whereas I’ve enjoyed it very much."

Owned by critical business solutions specialist ARMSA Consulting, Managing Safely for Wind Power has been created with over £80k significant financial investment to compile and present a kaleidoscope of fascinating on-the-button market-savvy information not available in any other session anywhere in the world. The touchstone product to enlighten wind power delegates on their capacity to add value to their organisation, the ethos of the course is this: by improving health and safety, not only are workers and corporate reputations protected, but there is also a strategic focus on supporting company effectiveness, returns on investment and operational efficiency.

For more information on how you or your employees can benefit in 2012 from this indispensable five-day information source please call Khalida Suleymanova at ARMSA Consulting on 0844 880 5111. More details and enrolment information can be found at ARMSA Consulting’s website.