ContourGlobal, the acclaimed international power company with over 1,500 employees across four continents, is underlining the critical value it places on global standards of safety awareness and environmental management by implementing a progressive ‘Managing Safely for the Power Sector’ course across its entire operation.

Expertly developed by benchmark professional services provider ARMSA Consulting, the course is devised to empower ContourGlobal’s engineers and managers to improve their operating efficiencies whilst placing safety at the heart of the organisation. It is the only tailor-made course to cover health and safety as an intrinsic part of both a person’s and an organisation’s competency and performance. By implementing the training across every one of its power facilities ContourGlobal is holding all of its international operations to the same high set of standards and demonstrating its leading-edge commitment to a sustainable future which affirms worker safety.

Successfully piloted at ContourGlobal’s recently acquired power plant in Bulgaria, the course benefits fully from ARMSA Consulting’s signature principles that, first and foremost, power industry courses must fully relate to the management and operational issues that power companies face, furnishing participants with market-current and market-relevant information which allows them to directly face and challenge existing perceptions of risk within their work environment.

Secondly, ARMSA Consulting places safety at the centre of the entire decision-making process so that it entirely underpins the work ethic, recognising its role in business planning and change management to provide participants with breakthrough techniques to manage teams and overcome barriers to change, giving them the essential management tools to achieve wider personal and operational growth.

Participant feedback from the inaugural course at the Bulgaria plant was extremely positive. Participants felt the course was extremely relevant to their sector and their job role, helping them to improve work performance and giving them a greater capacity to implement these concepts in their projects. Recognised for its strong entrepreneurial culture, its focus on efficient and reliable operations and its capacity to act quickly when new opportunities emerge, ContourGlobal is exploring global implementation of the course so that employees in any of the coal, oil, natural gas, biomass, biogas, hydroelectric, solar and wind power plants can all gain from its teaching.

For further information on ARMSA Consulting, including specific course information for ‘Managing Safely for the Power Sector’, please call 0844 880 5111 or visit ARMSA Consulting’s website.

About ContourGlobal

ContourGlobal is a New York based international power company with 3,250MW in operations or under construction in 20 countries. With over 1,500 people on four continents, ContourGlobal develops and operates electric power generation facilities powered by natural gas, hydro, wind, solar, biomass, coal and fuel oil. The company focuses on high-growth, under-served markets and innovative niches within developed markets. In 2011, the turnover of the group will be approximately $900m.

About ARMSA Consulting

ARMSA Consulting is a benchmark professional services company which delivers unique consulting advice to a wide range of national and international power generation and utilities companies. Originally focusing on health and safety and engineering matters, ARMSA has invested heavily in developing its training and competence practice area as well as diversifying into transformational management, enabling it to provide an all-encompassing and integrated service to the power and utility sectors, and most recently the renewables sector, which is universally unique and uniformly respected.