ETD Consulting is to host a seminar entitled ‘New Materials (P91, P92, P23, P24)’, which runs from 23-24 May and is preceded by a training course on P91, P92 steel welded components from 21-22 May.

The event takes place at the Institute of Materials in London, UK.

The seminar is focused on industry experience and related R&D. Topics covered include: manufacture, fabrication / welding / weld repairs, quality checks, cracking, failures in both base load and cyclic power plant (creep-fatigue interaction), stress corrosion cracking, inspection, monitoring and more importantly latest developments in integrity / life assessment issues.

Developments beyond P92 are also covered, which should be of interest to those wishing to stay ahead of others. Industry represented in the seminar presentations include: E.ON (UK and Germany), Electricite de France, Electrabel, Rafako, Alstom, Doosan, Goodwin, Idemitsu, Tenaga Nasional Berhad-Malaysia, TransAlta, Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Corporation +. Can you afford to miss this impressive list of industry gathering?

To make the event more useful, the above seminar will be preceded by the ETD’s popular two-day Training Course (eighth in the series) on P91 and P92. This will help the attendees familiarise themselves with the fundamentals leading to details of these relatively new steels and potential problems associated with them before they attend the seminar to hear the new findings and developments.

The course will cover a host of issues such as: quality control and assurance for new build plant, experience with the use of these steels, NDE for damage detection and assessment, welding and welded component behaviour, heat treatment issues, steam side oxidation and integrity come life assessment.

For more information visit: Email Tel: + 44 1372 363 111.