IQA Pty Ltd is a professional services company, which assists clients with a range of professional finance and valuation related services, including corporate advisory, capital raising, research and valuation of projects and companies.

Corporate advisory to the power industry

IQA’s consulting services cover areas such as:

  • Corporate advisory and operational and structure reviews
  • Financial modelling of natural resource assets, projects or companies
  • Independent advice debt and equity structuring
  • Preparation of investment solicitation documentation
  • Preparation or review of bankable feasibility studies
  • Market economics and competitor analysis
  • Assessment of economic and financial risk, especially in developing countries and in post-conflict situations
  • Assessment of opportunities to access international development funding for projects in developing countries
  • Consultation assistance for dealing with stakeholders, heritage and indigenous peoples / native title issues

IQA’s associates are able to provide:

  • Site selection and land-holder negotiations
  • Project management
  • Engineering process reviews
  • Technology choice reviews

While many companies obtain similar services through brokers and financiers, IQA provides clients with advice that is independent and not tied to the fee-earning interests of brokers and funders. Through a network of associates and funders, IQA can assist clients determine the real value of their assets and projects, and assist them to source the best funding proposal to achieve their objectives.

IQA provides a number of corporate and financial services to the power industry.
IQA provides assistance for companies in identifying partner companies for clients to develop specific projects.
The research services we provide are used for providing external market engagement and internal reviews.
We provide clients with financial modelling services, including analysis of assets and resources.

IQA is professional services company, focused primarily on the success of its clients and not its own shareholders and partners. Our success comes from our clients being successful.

Corporate advisory in the power industry

IQA offers clients corporate advisory services designed to assist them to manage and grow their operations and businesses. IQA can assist companies in the development and implementation of a strategic plan designed to meet and outperform the expectations of investors, partners and key stakeholders.

We provide assistance for:

  • Formulation and assessment of risk management procedures
  • Financial structuring and engagement with capital markets, financial institutions Australian investors, and Australian regulators (including ASIC, ASX, and FIRB)
  • Development and assistance in implementing corporate communications systems
  • Government liaison, especially for major and strategic projects, at federal, state and local government levels, including with mining and energy regulators, both in Australia and worldwide
  • Environmental impact assessment, including meeting state, federal, World Bank and IFC guidelines as appropriate
  • Environmental, mining, and petroleum permitting
  • Engagement with communities, especially indigenous ones and those in regional areas
  • Native title, indigenous land rights, community development and cultural heritage negotiations.

IQA can assist companies in the structuring, development and implementation of individual or multiple projects to ensure integration into the existing business and successful operations and profitability.

Financial modelling and research for companies and projects

IQA offers client companies a range of financial modelling services for analysis of natural resource assets, resource or energy plant projects, or companies as a whole. We can prepare or review bankable feasibility studies, market economics and competitor analysis, and valuations for company or investor use.

Our research services can be used for either external market engagement or internal review and assessment. Research is an important tool to assist the growth of any business by providing an independent assessment on the position of the company, either to foster investment or to identify weaknesses, which can be addressed by management.

Our services have been developed for small and medium-sized companies, which have traditionally been under-researched. This experience gives us a better understanding of the unique operational and financial challenges faced by these companies, allowing us to provide a more accurate assessment and valuation.

Research services are provided through our independent subsidiary.

Partner identification and engagement

IQA can assist companies in identifying and engaging with suitable partners for the development of the business and specific projects, including strategic investors and operational, joint venture, or international partners.

We provide:

  • Identification of operational project partners and potential acquisitions
  • Access to Australian resources and energy markets for offshore investors and partners
  • Identification of potential equity partners

Capital raising for power sector projects

IQA can assist companies in the identification of potential sources of debt and equity. We can provide services for:

  • Source equity through a range of capital raising methods, including general share issues, private placements and strategic investments by partners, suppliers and key customers
  • Access debt facilities, which provide competitive terms from a wide range of lenders