PSD Energy is an electrical engineering design and construction company which specialises in the design, project management, procurement, construction and commissioning of high voltage electrical infrastructure and secondary systems.

PSD Energy is able to develop, engineer and implement projects of any size in the electrical supply industry and as a leading system integrator we provide innovative, cost effective solutions to our clients.

Power system engineering services

Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, PSD Energy offers the complete, detailed engineering, procurement and construction of a project inclusive of the following activities:

  • Project management including detailed design, procurement, supply, installation and commissioning
  • Detailed design covering primary and secondary electrical plants, including civil and mechanical components of the plant
  • Design, manufacture and factory acceptance testing of transportable buildings
  • Supply / manufacture and installation of secondary equipment (protection / metering and SCADA)
  • Full integrated control and protection factory acceptance testing
  • Full factory acceptance testing of primary plant equipment
  • Full site acceptance testing including secondary injections, primary injections, stability tests, etc
  • Commissioning and hand-over of a complete and functional power system
  • Electrical infrastructure project management

Our management team is responsible for ensuring the project is delivered to the agreed quality standards and budget and in a timely fashion. Our team is in touch with all aspects of the project including:

Power System specialises in the design, construction and commissioning of high-voltage electrical infrastructure and secondary systems.
Portable switchrooms.
Protection and control panels.
Outdoor switchyards.
Power plants.
  • OH&S and all related issues
  • Quality management
  • Procurement
  • Design management
  • Protection panel manufacture
  • On-site construction management
  • On-site commissioning
  • Electrical engineering and system design

Our highly skilled design team work closely with the suppliers of modern protection systems and as such provide innovative and leading-edge solutions to our clients. Their superior design capabilities cover the following areas:

  • Design of primary plant and equipment layouts
  • Design of civil and structural engineering works
  • Design of substation secondary systems
  • Design and integration of substation SCADA and communication systems
  • Design of substation auxiliary systems

PSD Energy can develop all necessary design drawings and documentation including: a functional design specification (FDS), detailed design drawings covering the disciplines of protection and control, electrical, civil and structural, earthing and building installations, as well as prepare SCADA I/O listings, relay configurations and relay logics.

System studies and protection settings, preparation of factory acceptance testing (FAT) and site acceptance testing (SAT) documentation and commissioning plans are also within our capabilities.

Factory / site acceptance testing and commissioning

PSD Energy performs commissioning work using in-house engineers. Our secondary system design engineers produce FAT and SAT procedures as well as commissioning plans, which are developed specifically in accordance with the project scope of works as part of the design process.

Power system construction

PSD Energy has a site construction capability. PSD uses its in-house project management team to ensure that the project works are performed in accordance with the design requirements, delivered to the specified quality standards, and completed in a timely fashion to meet the project programme.

This ensures that we have the required control over on-site processes in order to achieve the desired project delivery, installation quality, safety and environmental standards.