turbines in the power industryViking Wind recently visited Bangladesh after almost four years of planning.

CEO Ulrich Høgenhaven and head of sales and projects Pia Jakobsen have just returned from a very successful visit to Bangladesh.

Now the trip has gone well, it’s time to reflect upon the multiple experiences and impressions achieved on the trip.

Pia Jakobsen said: “It’s been a very exciting trip with various new impressions. There has been a great deal of interest in our new turbine, which initially has been designed for markets like this. We have met many passionate people with interest in sustainable energy solutions as we offer.”

The trip has been interspersed with experiences and impressions. The agenda has been packed with various substantial and worthwhile meetings, which gave the people from Viking Wind ample opportunities to present the turbine and talk about green energy, sustainability and how to secure the earth for future generations.

Samina Shahrukh, senior trade advisor and Jacob Kahl Jepsen, commercial counsellor and head of trade from the Danish Embassy in Bangladesh, have been excellent hosts and very well-prepared for the meeting with the delegation from Viking Wind.

Bangladesh is already well ahead in the process of using less fossil fuel, both in the industrial area but also in private households, and has turned its focus towards more sustainable energy solutions such as wind energy, which in turn has led to positive interest for the solutions Viking Wind has to offer.

Viking Wind CEO Ulrich Høgenhaven said: “The trip has been both exciting and beneficial. We even experienced a 5.5-magnitude earthquake on the front row, which maybe in hindsight made the trip a little bit too exciting, but also was very enlightening for what a wind turbine in Bangladesh must be able to withstand.”