Carroll & Meynell design engineer, Kapila Warnakulasuriya, has been invited to present the paper ‘Performance Comparison of Nanocrystalline with Ferrite in a 40kW 20kHz application’ at the PCIM conference in Sao Paolo, Brazil, on Tuesday 14 October.

An experienced design engineer for magnetic components and a doctoral level researcher in applied electromagnetics, Mr Warnakulasuriya will make his presentation as part of the session ‘Power Electronics Components’ from 18:45 to 20:15 on 14 October.

In this paper, the performance of Nanocrystalline material in comparison with ferrite is evaluated for a high frequency, high power transformer application. The major advantage of Nanocrystalline material over ferrite is its ability to go for higher design flux densities. However, this is limited with increased losses occurring with the increase of operating frequency.

A case study will consider a 40kW, 20kHz application. Samples of both versions were developed and a performance evaluation was made on the application. Based on the practical outcome, a comparison will be made in terms of power density per physical parameters such as weight and volume. The cost and manufacturability are also discussed.