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Ormazabal Argentina Celebrates its Tenth Anniversary

On 11 March 2009, Ormazabal held the inauguration of its new installation in the industrial park of Burzaco, Agentina, and celebrated the tenth anniversary of the company’s establishment in the region.

More than 250 persons, belonging to the most important Argentinean electrical cooperatives and companies, attended the event at Ormazabal’s installation, as well as diplomatic personalities from the Spanish embassy in Argentina.

During the visit, the guests walked around the 5,000m² installations.
In these installations they were able to appreciate two main areas: the indoor area and the outdoor area.

The indoor area consists of a 250m² building for offices and 500m² of product storage space.

The outdoors area is a 4,250 m² space that holds part of the company’s stock and can be used as an outdoors showroom. Walking through the showroom, visitors were allowed to see medium-voltage products such as two pre-fababricated transformer substations, miniBLOK and miniSUB, and a PFU-5 transformer substation.

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