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TWB SA Develop New Series of Auxillary Power Transformers

TWB SA, a company with many decades of experience in the manufacturing of instrument transformers up to 36 kV, has developed a new series of Auxiliary Power Transformers for indoor applications, for operating voltage up to 20kV, secondary voltage up to 400V and output power up to 10kVA.

The primary and the secondary windings of these transformers are resin-embedded, while the magnetic core is on the air. Even though these transformers are for indoor use, the insulating resin is Swiss made outdoor cycloaliphatic resin, which ensures that the transformers require considerably less maintenance, successfully combining high levels of quality and safety and have a long service life.

TWB SA designs, develops and manufactures, exclusively, dry-type low and medium voltage instrument transformers up to 36kV and 3000A, current and voltage, for indoor and outdoor applications. TWB SA transformers are installed and have proven their value since 1971, operating under harsh conditions all over the world, from Canada to Australia and from Laos to Saudi Arabia.

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