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Ensto Pro brings expertise and inspiration to network building professionals

Professionalism, partnership and sustainable development are elements that make each Ensto Pro training course a unique event. This is well-known in AEL, which has experience of over 20 years of cooperation between education and working life with Ensto. Ensto offers customised training to its customers in all of the company’s market areas using the customer’s language. It is based on a co-developed training concept that has no equal.

"After Ensto’s lecture and hands-on exercises, the trainer gets a proper round of applause from the other delegates", said Reijo Alastalo, electrical training expert at AEL.

"This tells us a lot, as our groups mainly consist of critical and highly-skilled professionals such as installers and installation group leaders with substantial experience."

Each year, AEL organises about a thousand courses in various fields, such as electrical networks. Our close cooperation with one of the top companies in the industry is extremely important, says Alastalo. It has given continuity to the operations of both the educational institute and the trainees. Lots of positive feedback is provided on the events. News from the cutting edge of development and hands-on exercises with the products are regular favorites for the course attendees.

The latest solutions

People taking AEL’s professional examinations improve their skills with material provided by Ensto. When the products used in the training follow the standards and represent new technology, the newly-qualified professionals are provided with the optimum preconditions to work in their occupation.

"Before long, the worker faces special situations and extreme conditions in the field where achieving the right solution requires good knowledge of the product. Unfortunately, there are products in the market whose suitability for professional use can be challenged. The identification of high quality is important for future installers", concludes Alastalo.

The experienced professionals listen to the messages of the current trends and seek out the latest product solutions. Alastalo says that those messages and products are critically evaluated and Ensto’s trainers do not avoid rigorous questions. The product installation exercises reveal characteristics that make work easier and improve functionality – it is an advantage for everyone that we get the best out of the products. Training plays a crucial role in this.

Aiming for customer success

Interaction and working together are valuable for both the trainer and the customer. Many attendees say that it’s important to have an opportunity to influence product development with their comments and ideas. Ensto operates in 20 countries and many different cultures. Although customer needs vary in different markets insights acquired in one place often are also of great benefit elsewhere.

Contents of the product training course are always customised for the needs of the group. By taking responsibility for the training, the supplier supports the customer to achieve success in the best possible way. The most important goal is to make sure that the recommended working methods are rooted in the daily work as this improves the reliability of the network in the long run.

Ensto’s training activities have grown over the decades. Through experience and sharing the training activities have been developed to a uniform Ensto Pro concept, which genuinely facilitates the work of the professionals. For that, Ensto has also created some new tools like the internet-based selection application ‘Ensto Selecto’, designed for underground cable accessories.

Sustainable development at practical level

Transition towards the use of renewable and emission-free electricity brings significant changes to the electrical network. New functionalities of the network and strict reliability requirements are reflected in the supply of solutions. More often, the product must withstand extreme conditions with maintenance-free operation over a long life span.

Training and development performed in collaboration improve sustainable development at the practical level. The correct selection and installation of products do justice to the product’s best properties and benefit all parties: the owner, the maintenance organisation, the installer and the end customer of the network. This ensures a long life span for the products and for collaboration.

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