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Haefely Test

High-Voltage Test Equipment

Birsstrasse 300,
4052 Basel,

As a leading supplier in the high-voltage test equipment business Haefely Test has a reputation for quality and reliability based on an extensive product range and vast experience gained over more than 100 years.

The innovative use of highly sophisticated equipment, first-class Swiss quality, and long-term experience in test applications are the guarantees of accuracy, efficiency and reliability of the various test methods. Customer support is guaranteed by a vast worldwide network of well-trained, experienced service engineers.

Impulse voltage testing

Haefely Test is a single-source supplier for all high-voltage impulse testing applications. Our large product range covers:

  • Impulse voltage generators
  • Dividers
  • Shunts
  • Controls
  • Chopping gaps
  • Measuring instruments
  • Calibration equipment

Impulse current testing

The Haefely high-voltage test offers the SSG impulse current generator line, which covers the whole range of impulse current applications and related international standards. Current impulse test systems are usually customised systems. Our experienced engineering teams also design your impulse generator to match your specific needs.

Alternating voltage AC testing

Haefely Test is a single source supplier for all high-voltage AC testing applications. Our large product range covers:

  • Test transformer systems
  • Coupling capacitors
  • Cable test terminations
  • Controls
  • Measuring instruments

High-voltage construction kit

The high-voltage construction KIT is a system of components for diverse applications in high voltage technology. All the components have the same length and mechanical interconnections. Therefore they can be combined in many ways to form different test configurations. The application range covers high-voltage labs of technical universities for test and education, as well as industrial test systems.

C&tan delta (power factor) measurement

Under the Tettex Instruments label we offer a broad range of precision C&tanδ measuring bridges covering both high and low voltage applications for laboratory, factory, workshop and field use.

Instrument transformer measuring equipment

The Tettex instrument transformer test equipment range is a complete product line for high-precision measurement of different kinds of current-instrument transformers (CTs) and voltage-instrument transformers (VTs) according to IEC and ANSI standards.

This test equipment can be used for type tests, production testing, maintenance testing (on site) and repair. Our product range covers measuring instruments, software, standard current comparators, standard voltage dividers, burdens and power supplies.

High-current resistance measurement

The 2291 and 2292 high-current resistance meters are specially designed for high-performance measurements of high inductance, low-value resistances such as transformer windings, motors, breakers, switchgear, etc. Unlike normal resistance meters, these instruments have a built-in high-speed discharge circuits for safe discharging of the stored energy in a measured inductance.

Operation is fully automatic and the powerful DC test current produces high accuracy and rapid saturation of the test object, so virtually all sizes of transformer can be measured. Covered measuring range 1uOhm to 20kOhm, measuring current up to 33A (2291) and 50A (2292) respectively.

Partial discharge (PD) measurement

Haefely Test offers a broad range of partial discharge solutions ranging from simple discharge meters to digital detectors with diagnostic capabilities. Applications covered include screened environments, open factories, on-site testing, and installed cable test and diagnosis.

Transformer measurement

Haefely offers a broad range of transformer diagnostics both for laboratory and field use, ranging from single instruments like:

  • Turns ratio
  • Winding resistance
  • Recovery voltage
  • Frequency response analysis
  • C&tan d
  • Partial discharge
  • Insulation resistance

to complete automated test-systems like:

  • 2285
  • 2286
  • TMS 580
  • DTTS (distribution transformer test system)
  • PTTS (power transformer test system)

which can perform the same measurements as the single instruments and even some additional measurements like:

  • Load loss measurement
  • No-load measurement
  • Heat run
  • Induced voltage test
  • Applied voltage test
  • Zero sequence measurement

Haefely Releases New Cable Test Terminations and Water Processing Unit

Cable test termination systems are used for high-voltage testing of power cables. Before high voltage (AC or Impulse) can be applied the power cable needs to be prepared and terminated in a special way in order to control the electrical field distribution along the ends. The Haefely wat

Haefely/Tettex Releases New Winding Resistance Meter – Tettex 2293

Haefely/Tettex has released the new transformer winding resistance meter - type Tettex 2293. The Tettex 2293 is the result of extensive research and years of experience testing transformers. It incorporates a fast and highly advanced procedure to measure winding resistance. A simple one

Haefely Test Launches New Transformer Turns Ratio Measuring Instrument

A close collaboration with major transformer manufacturers has lead to the new Tettex 2796 Transformer Turns Ratio Meter. It combines mobility and user-friendly handling with unmatched accuracy of up to 0.03%. The higher test voltage of 250V together with the high precision ensures

Haefely Releases New High-Precision Dielectric-Loss Analysing System

The Dielectric-Loss Analysing System 2840 is designed for the measurement of very low dielectric losses and impedances (dissipation factor and power factor) of high-voltage apparatus such as extruded insulation on power cables. The instrument works on the principle of a combined bridge-v

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