Haefely Releases New Cable Test Terminations and Water Processing Unit

Cable test termination systems are used for high-voltage testing of power cables. Before high voltage (AC or Impulse) can be applied the power cable needs to be prepared and terminated in a special way in order to control the electrical field distribution along the ends.

The Haefely water-filled cable test terminations (CTT) and water processing unit (WPU) offer the perfect connection for these tasks. The new generation of CTTs are optimised for AC routine testing and completed by a modern, easy to use WPU.

The CTT range covers rated AC voltages from 100kV up to 800kV and are for diameters of max. 115mm, 130mm or 165mm across outer semiconducting layer.


  • Short tubes for easy handling and less cable waste
  • Rugged design
  • Hydraulic jacking system (manual or automatic)
  • New service-friendly design
  • Pneumatic valves ensure partial discharge free operation
  • Modern user-friendly touch-screen interface

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