A repaired porcelain insulator

As a specialised bushing maintenance and repair business we are able to offer the following services – porcelain insulator repair, transformer bushing and through wall bushing oil sampling, fitting of replacement or remote pressure gauges, technical assistance, bushing refurbishment and bushing condition assessment.

Porcelain insulator repair

H.V. Bushing Services provides porcelain insulator repair services. Damaged porcelain insulators can be rebuilt and re-coloured as the original, providing a cost-effective alternative to bushing or insulator replacement.

This removes the obvious health and safety concerns associated with sharp broken porcelain particularly during cleaning procedures, sealing the surface against possible moisture ingress and reinstating creepage distances.

Damaged 145kV bushing porcelain insulator.
Rebuilt and coloured 145kV porcelain insulator.
On-site oil / SF6 bushing oil sampling.
Old 275kV through wall bushing gauge.
New remote gauge fitted.
One of the bushings before being cleaned up, new seals fitted and gas pressure tested.
The bushing after being recoated with blue protective lacquers.
The bushing after completing electrical testing and being packed into long-term steel storage canisters.
A damaged porcelain insulator.
The repaired porcelain insulator.

Bushing oil sampling

H.V. Bushing Services carries out bushing oil sampling, top up and analysis (if required) of all types of oil filled bushings (pressurised, wall / roof or transformer bushings), other site equipment and CTs.

Pressure gauge supply and fitting

Replacement gauges and pressure switches can be supplied and fitted by H.V. Bushing Services.

Remote pressure gauges, sample points and mounting brackets can be fitted, resulting in an improved visual indication of pressure in comparison to old, small and often inaccurate gauges.

400kV wall bushings can be fitted with floor level gauges and sample points allowing for oil sampling and top up of live circuits.

Bushing refurbishment

H.V. Bushing Services carries out the refurbishment of bushings <145kV SRBP and ERIP cored. This service includes oil sampling, strip down, inspection of core, insulator bore and internal connections, cleaning, rebuild with new gaskets and seals, repaint and packaging for dispatch.

Bushing condition assessment

H.V. Bushing Services can perform on-site assessment of a bushing’s condition, and provide recommendations and a bushing condition assessment report.

Technical support for bushings

H.V. Bushing Services also offers technical support for all types of bushings, particularly B.E.B.S. T2 and functional specification designs, bushing on-site handling, installation and removal.

Bushing refurbishment – Trench UK, NEI Reyrolle – The Bushing Company, Micanite and Insulators, English Electric, Ferranti, Brush, GEC, BTH and AEI

H.V. Bushing Services has extensive experience in bushing refurbishment since 1995 of designs from bushing manufacturers such as Trench UK, NEI Reyrolle – The Bushing Company, Micanite and Insulators, English Electric, Ferranti, Brush, GEC, BTH and AEI.

H.V. Bushing Services has performed the bushing services mentioned above at sites worldwide.