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RITZ Instrument Transformers

Cast-Resin Bus Bar Systems

RITZ provides a range of cast-resin bus bar systems, which provide an alternative to parallel-connected cables.

Muehlberg 1,
97514 Oberaurach-Kirchaich,

RITZ provides a cost-effective and safe alternative to parallel-connected cable systems, metal-enclosed bus bar or bus duct systems.

Cast-resin solid-insulated bus bar systems

RITZ cast-resin SIS solid-insulated bus bar systems are available up to to 40.5kV and 6.500A and cast-insulated Bushings up to 72.5kV & 8.000A.

They are especially useful for transmission of higher currents and/or limited space requirements, providing a cost-effective and save alternative to parallel-connected cable systems, metal-enclosed bus bar or bus duct systems.


Specific benefits of our cast-resin bus bars include:

  • Compact design
  • Reduced requirements for the installation space
  • Small bending radii
  • 3-dimensional geometric shape is possible
  • Natural cooling due to effectual conductor design
  • High opererational reliability due to factory routine test of each bus bar
  • No maintenance

Safety benefits include:

  • Touch safe
  • Fully insulated and capacitive graded system
  • High thermal and dynamic short-circuit current withstand capabilities
  • Excluded phase to phase short circuits
  • No toxic fumes in case of fire: self-extinguishing
  • High operational reliability due to routine test for each bus bar element

Construction and installation

We provide a range of construction and installation for cast-resin bus bars. Installation is simple due to its standardised nature.


We minimise the project engineering customers have to do, by providing a complete engineering service for bus bar routing, including a fixation system as a 3D CAD model, complete installation documentation, and supervisor support.

Solid Insulation System

The RITZ Solid Insulated Bus-Bar System provides transmission services for higher currents and / or limited space requirements.

Medium-Voltage Instrument Transformers

Instrument transformers are transformers that convert high currents or voltages into measurable and standardised currents or voltages, which are proportional and in-phase to the primary signal.

Cast Resin Insulated Transformers

RITZ produces transformers in glass-fibre reinforced vacuum technology (GVT) for ratings up to 25MVA and 40.5kV voltage class for various applications.