TransGard Systems has unveiled a new control centre for its substation fencing, the industry’s leading defence against outages caused by climbing animals.

The upgrade helps ensure continuous functioning of the patented TransGard fence, which currently protects more than 2,000 substations.

The new centre offers enhanced features that will be standard on all new fences, including:

  • Digital volt meter: the new digital volt meter provides substation operators with a precise digital indication of the system’s voltage. By placing the volt meter on the front of the panel, personnel can easily see the numeric values of voltage pulsing through an operating fence
  • Alert strobe: this module and two-condition LED light provides a clear visual indication of whether a TransGard fence is functioning properly. A steady green light indicates the system is operating normally. A flashing red light indicates that the main on/off switch is turned to the off position or the fence is functioning improperly. It also indicates if the charger is not adequately powered or the fence has minimal continuity
  • Remote monitoring: The control centre can be integrated into a substation’s supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system to provide 24-hour remote monitoring of the fence’s functioning. If the fence voltage falls below 6KV, the centre provides notification via SCADA, enabling the substation operator to correct problems

TransGard fences offer proven prevention against squirrels, snakes, raccoons and other climbing animals. The easy-to-install system is the only substation fencing that delivers a mild electric shock that deters animals but does not harm them.