Global operations management consultancy DuPont Sustainable Solutions has announced the creation of a new suite of methodologies to help companies bolster their operational risk management systems. These solutions address technical skill shortages, which is an unintended consequence of demographic changes, by building capabilities related to the proper handling of hazardous materials.

Operational Risk and Process Safety Management global practice leader Srinivasan Ramabhadran said: "In working with clients to augment their operational risk management performance, we have seen first hand that there is often a gap in the knowledge and skills required to manage hazardous materials safely.

"Despite this, most companies lack a structured approach to building capabilities of the workforce related to process safety and, consequently, have increased the risk of a major catastrophic incident."

Operational risk management is becoming ever more critical, especially in light of major industrial incidents across the globe, where human error was shown to be a contributing factor.

To address this, DuPont has announced the creation of a structured learning experience that has been proven to develop employee skills, so they can manage hazardous processes safely. This includes methodologies that can be scaled to meet the needs of the company, from a simple problem-based training to integrated process safety management (PSM) learning and development.

The training can also be customised to develop skills in specific areas. Furthermore, the blended learning format, a modular curriculum, instructor-led training and e-learning, leverages applied learning, allowing companies to maximise uptake and retention.

"By cultivating competency in process safety, companies cannot only mitigate operational risk, but also run operations smoothly and contribute to productivity and efficiency," Srinivasan added. "This allows companies to protect their assets, their facilities, their investments, and most importantly, their people."

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