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L-3 MAPPS Introduces Orchid™ Family of Software Products

L-3 Communications MAPPS (L-3 MAPPS), a subsidiary of L-3 Communications, announced today that it is completing a major branding initiative. The software tools used in all of the company’s product areas – marine systems and simulation, power systems and simulation and space systems and simulation – will soon belong to the Orchid family of products.

While L-3 MAPPS and its integrated control system and simulator solutions are recognized worldwide, L-3 MAPPS possesses a significant number of enabling software tools with disparate brand names that are used to develop its solutions. The software tools enjoy varied brand name recognition, with ROSE® the most visible of the brands.

Given that L-3 MAPPS’ customers and potential customers recognize that the company’s enabling software tools are the best integrated tools in the industries that L-3 MAPPS serves, the evolution to a single, premium brand name – Orchid – makes sense.

L-3 MAPPS has invested heavily in its software over the years and today its industry-leading software tools are widely recognized for their robustness, their ease of use and how well their compatibility with one another.

The newly launched Orchid branding initiative will take these attributes one step further by establishing a single, premium brand and an unprecedented standard of product integration for the company’s diverse software toolset. Each of the tools will become easier to use as L-3 MAPPS introduces common GUIs and functions into individual components, enabling users to easily move from one software tool to the next.

“The Orchid brand embodies L-3 MAPPS’ software suite, as orchids populate every corner of the world and symbolize prestige, quality, beauty and perfection,” noted Michael Chatlani, Vice President, Marketing & Sales, L-3 MAPPS Power Systems and Simulation.

“L-3 MAPPS has worked feverishly over the past two years to migrate the current toolset to the Orchid family,” added Rangesh Kasturi, Vice President, Marketing & Sales, L-3 MAPPS Marine Systems and Simulation. “It was important to us that in re-branding our products, we also created an opportunity to provide our customers with even greater capability.”

All Orchid products will be compliant with recent third-party software versions, offering new and exciting features that will pave the way for a new generation of products. In addition, the current tools will include added functionality before they can adopt the Orchid brand name.

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