Power plant simulators can improve performance and reliability, ensuring that personnel have the necessary knowledge to safely and efficiently operate any power plant.

True-to-life simulator solutions

Powered by the trademarked Orchid suite of simulation products, L3Harris true-to-life simulator solutions are more than just training devices. Providing real-world power plant training, our simulators can improve the abilities of operation and engineering teams to address plant design issues, procedural deficiencies and reliability improvements.

The products and services offered by L3Harris include full-scope, classroom and engineering simulators, part-task trainers, and severe accident simulation, as well as retrofits and upgrades. Providing everything from design to complete turnkey systems, as well as specific components and simulator design tools, L3Harris simulators offer the highest quality in modelling fidelity and training, supplying user-friendly tools that allow trainees and instructors to master intricate power plant systems.

With superior training environments, L3Harris simulators can optimise plant operating procedures, reduce costs and streamline operator license and certification approval. Simulator training can minimise downtime, increase plant performance and enable confident emergency reaction. Interactive instructor controls and real-time responses to operator actions ensure maximum training effectiveness as well as adaptability.

L-3 MAPPS offers full scope simulators, part-task trainers, simulator retrofits and upgrades.
The Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant full scope simulator.
The superior training environments of L-3 MAPPS simulators provide clear advantages for operator licensing, optimising plant operating procedures and reducing costs.
Human factors simulator in the Idaho National Laboratory (INL).
Simulation-driven 3D trainers.
has perfected systems to design, develop and execute the world's most sophisticated simulators.

Uses for L3Harris simulators include interactive team training, severe incident management, optimisation of start-up and shutdown, and plant design testing. Scenarios that would be complex or dangerous in a real plant can be reproduced, varied and monitored in real time, providing valuable tools for training.

Knowledge transfer programme

The L3Harries knowledge transfer programme gives customers total confidence in the operation, modification and maintenance of our simulators. Using a state-of-the-art simulation environment, simulator changes can be implemented to reflect plant modifications, evolve training programmes and expand simulator uses, for example by adding training for engineers and emergency response organisations.

Advantages of L3Harris simulator solutions

L3Harris simulator solutions provide cost-effective training for both experienced operators and new recruits, improving soft skills, such as ‘command and control’, three-way communication, and team interaction and performance, in a realistic control room environment. Simulators can also improve overall plant and individual system operation and control, emergency plan implementation and incident management, skilled responses to equipment malfunction and plant transients, and instrumentation and control (I&C) familiarisation through distributed control system (DCS) and plant process computer operations.

Furthermore, the state-of-the-art simulation environment, with a fully visual, interactive graphic user interface that includes control room soft panels and plant system models, gives users complete control of the development, operation and management of the simulator design in an intuitive and easy-to-use manner.

Simulators can improve plant safety with fewer operator error or equipment malfunction outages as well as analysis of plant responses to equipment or instrument failure. With efficient plant design planning and testing, just-in-time training, and DCS and plant process computer verification and validation, plant operations including start-up, shutdown and infrequently performed evolutions can be optimised.

L3Harris simulators also feature portability for classroom training, multiple configurations and the ability to remain current thanks to easy simulator upgrades.

About L3Harris

For more than 45 years, L3Harris has worked with research organisations, plant designers and leading utilities to create training and engineering systems. The company has extensive experience as well as a drive to create value through innovation, which has allowed us to establish L3Harris as a pre-eminent manufacturer of power plant simulators.