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Virtual Control Room Simulators

Do you already have virtual (soft) panels available on your instructor station? Is your full scope simulator in use around the clock? Do you have numerous young learners who have grown up in the electronic age and are more comfortable with interactive technology? Due to the high fidelity of your L-3 MAPPS simulation models, are there other "beyond training" demands on your full scope simulator (engineering support, exam development, pre-operation plant upgrade verification)?

L-3 MAPPS simulator users have already invested in their high fidelity simulators with virtual panels which run on the instructor station and which are also available in student mode. So, the answer to these questions is to offload the demands on your full scope simulator by reusing the exact simulation software and virtual panels with Orchid® Touch Interface (Orchid® TI) without a significant investment. With new and improved large touch screen technology, L-3 MAPPS now brings classroom training to another level with Orchid® TI.

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