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Affordable Interactive 3D Environments for Enhanced Nuclear Learning

While the nuclear power industry is trying to reinforce safety and regain the public's support post-Fukushima, it is also faced with a very real challenge that affects its day-to-day activities: a rapidly aging workforce. A 2009 Nuclear Energy Institute survey indicates that 38% of the nuclear utility workforce is eligible to retire by 2014, leaving the US nuclear industry alone with about 21,600 new workers to educate and train.

The industry must also take into account non-retirement workforce attrition, which will account for a 10% reduction of the current workforce also by 2014. In Canada alone, it is estimated that 65% of all power industry workers are over 40 years old and almost 40% are within five years of retirement. For new nuclear build (NNB) countries such as Vietnam and the UAE, the challenge is even greater: developing a completely new workforce with little to no prior experience or exposure to nuclear power.

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