Optec is a leading supplier of low (LV) and high voltage (HV) electrical and mechanical training, process development, and maintenance consultancy for the power industry.

Our team of experienced professionals specialise in delivering high-quality training and consulting services, which focus on compliance at all levels of the energy sector.

Power industry training and qualifications

Optec provides training to approximately 800 client organisations throughout Australia and internationally. Our extensive expertise covers a range of areas, making us qualified to address specific client requirements.

As a vocational education and training (VET) organisation, nationally registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), Optec courses range from trade-specific to broader industry qualifications.

Glove and barrier work.
Working on power lines at heights.
Working on power lines at heights.
Working on power lines at heights.

The company covers competencies such as:

  • VESI training
  • Safe access procedures
  • Access to HV areas
  • First aid and CPR
  • Traffic management
  • Generator operation and control
  • Hazardous area wiring
  • Electrical supply industry-specific requirements
  • Glove and barrier
  • Hot stick and bare hand
  • LV, HV, EHV line worker
  • HV operator
  • Annual regulatory industry training

Initial and refresher training are also available when required.

Professional consultancy solutions for the energy industry

Employing professional consulting services allows Optec’s clients to ensure they follow safe operating procedures and employees are fully trained to achieve compliance with safety laws, regulations, and codes of practice.

Clients benefit significantly from our professional consulting services and by mitigating risk, your company will increase personnel safety, plant welfare, and supply continuity.

We work to help you achieve increased levels of safety and compliance while minimising risk and disruptions through the provision of key services such as:

  • Auditing services for HV operating personnel, equipment and procedures
  • Development and validation of electrical safety management schemes
  • Improvement of HV operating procedures and switching programmes
  • Expansion of safe work method statements
  • Development of switchgear operation manuals
  • Provisioning LV and HV safety procedures and overall safety management system
  • Improvement of power station boiler, turbine and ancillary plant operating procedures

Energy sector training and auditing services

At Optec, we have developed an advanced and all-encompassing approach to energy sector training. Our scope of work covers environments ranging from traditional power plants to cutting-edge wind generation and solar sites.

Optec consultation through occupation health and safety (OHS) and hazardous area training, as well as auditing of existing operational systems can significantly contribute to safety, productivity, and compliance levels.

The availability of on-site training and recognition of prior learning are factors that can minimise disruption of manufacturing schedules by allowing your manufacturing site to obtain necessary qualifications in a time-efficient manner.

High-voltage labour hire for power generation sectors

Optec’s network extends to a team of highly skilled personnel that are available for labour hire 24/7 in any location.

Each professional is able to deliver a superior level of knowledge and experience to any subject matter from project management to system development. These experts can be hired on a short, medium or long-term basis, providing maximum flexibility. Optec’s areas of expertise include:

  • Electrical operations
  • Generation
  • Transmission lines
  • Distribution lines

Specialist high-voltage power equipment and testing

In HV operations and businesses operating in energy applications, the need for specialist equipment is always relevant. Optec acts as an expert provider of solutions such as HV operating equipment, HV switching suits, and specialist gear.

The company also offers testing of equipment used by HV operators to ensure reliability.

About Optec

At Optec, we employ approximately 40 team members who are involved in the provision of training and consultancy services.

Our trainers and consultants have significant and relevant hands-on industrial experience to best meet the needs of clients.

Optec was formed in 1993, with a head office in Morwell, Victoria, Australia. To meet the evolving demands of customers, we also have training facilities at Osborne Park, Western Australia.

We offer consultancy services and industry-specific training courses that are compliant with national and state regulatory bodies, as well as particular codes of practice.