The PowerSafe™ System provides a comprehensive safety-orientation and online records verification for the utilities industry.

The standard for basic safety training and records tracking for utility workforces

PowerSafe’s basic safety-orientations are the standard for utility workforces. You can be confident that all PowerSafe trained contractors have received the same awareness-level training. PowerSafe’s tool for reporting and real-time training records management simplifies the auditing process, saving valuable time and money.

OSHA awareness-level orientation

Safety is more than marking a box that you have met a training standard — it is about protecting the lives and well-being of those you have been charged with training. PowerSafe’s OSHA awareness-level orientations serve as the building blocks for future safety training.

If you are ready for a proven model that works to reduce your recordable accident index (RAI) and frees your employees to do their core job, the PowerSafe System is the piece of the puzzle you’ve been missing.

PowerSafe meets the safety training needs of the utility industry.
PowerSafe sets the safety-orientation standard for utility workforces.
PowerSafe's online courses include power-generation and transmission.
OSHA awareness-level orientation is the starting point for safety training.
PowerSafe™ is a comprehensive safety-orientation and verification program for utility contractors.

Online library of generation and transmission and distribution courses

PowerSafe was developed by a representative group of experienced utility contractors and owners. Courses specifically address the needs of our industry. Generation and transmission and distribution courses are available, and curricula for other utility sectors will soon be available.

Safety training development for the utility industry

Overseen by the PowerSafe Advisory Group, made up of owners and contractors, PowerSafe meets the needs of the utility industry. The Advisory Group sets objectives and steers PowerSafe’s path. An annual users’ roundtable is held to communicate the direction, identify unfilled needs, and involve more industry voices in the PowerSafe process through curriculum and ad hoc committees.

PowerSafe builds a solid foundation for future safety training. As part of a sophisticated solution — one that is proven and cost-efficient — PowerSafe helps reduce incident and lost workday rates, ends the unnecessary duplication of contractor safety awareness-level training, and yields a validated and auditable system.

Few things are as important as ensuring your employees and contractor employees have a fundamental understanding of the hazards that may be present on a worksite. If a utility contractor shows up at your worksite holding a PowerSafe badge you can be assured that they have received fundamental safety training.

The Safety Council LCA, a non-profit member association dedicated to improving safety in the workplace, community and home, administers the PowerSafe System. A user-friendly website and a secure, records-management database are maintained for the benefit of all PowerSafe companies.