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Western Services Corporation

Engineering and Training Simulations for Power Generation

Western Services Corporation (WSC) is a global simulation and services provider, specialising in the design, development, delivery, commissioning and training of safe and reliable operations of power generating assets.

7196 Crestwood Boulevard,
Suite 300,
United States of America

7196 Crestwood Boulevard,
Suite 300,
United States of America

Western Services Corporation

Western Services Corporation (WSC) is a global simulation and services provider, specialising in the design, development, delivery, commissioning and training of safe and reliable operations of power generating assets.

WSC supplies innovative, state-of-the-art simulation technology products and services.

High-fidelity simulators for power plants

WSC provides a wide range of simulation support services and simulation technology to clients worldwide.

This includes high-fidelity training simulators for nuclear, fossil, combined cycle, simple cycle, hydroelectric and integrated gasification power plants.

Before operators train on the simulator, our engineering grade simulation tools are used to validate power plant designs using our simulation assisted engineering (SAE) approach.

Operator training simulators for nuclear and thermal power plants

Through significant investment in product development, we add value to the engineering design and construction activities through SAE solutions. With simulation-based equipment reliability and asset lifecycle management processes, we can also add value to plant operation economics.

Our 3KEYSOFTWARE® technology was developed from nuclear and thermal power plant operator training simulators.

The 3KEYMASTER™ state-of-the-art simulation technology platform is a comprehensive development, execution, test, integration and deployment environment in a single, user-friendly package, which can be accessed by our graphical engineering station (GES).

It is used to develop custom 3KEYMASTER models, re-host or hook-up third-party code or systems, interface with input / output systems, DCSs, create new custom modeling, and run the simulation in real-time or non-real-time modes. It is the only true object-oriented simulation environment.

Data visualisation tools for monitoring and analysis

WSC provides a variety of data visualisation tools for monitoring and analysis through its 3KEYMASTER instructor station. This is a specialised GES, and includes full-featured simulation control, as well as automatic text-based and graphical flowchart scenario creation.

WSC also has a range of high-fidelity graphical modeling tools tightly integrated with the 3KEYMASTER environment. The tools are object-oriented, have a drag-and-drop development user interface, and use numerical solution methods to accurately model complex systems.

Tools include:

  • Flow network
  • Electrical network
  • Logic and control
  • Relay and transmitter

3KEYMASTER also includes a component library of modeling objects for mechanical and electrical equipment.

Web-based simulation training for power generation

As well as delivering multi-classroom training simulators, WSC has created a web-based training system, 3KEYSTUDENT, to help students learn about power generation and the relevant equipment via the internet. 3KEYSTUDENT is an innovative, web-based platform that allows students to perform real-time simulations through lesson plans, which utilise our intelligent tutoring system and include customised levels of guidance so the student can learn at a pace that suits them.

Distributed control systems

Through 3KEYDCS, WCS can support various strategies (emulation, virtual, stimulation and hybrid) for implementing distributed control systems (DCS) in simulators. WSC is the industry leader in providing DCS solutions and has emulated over twenty different DCSs and PLCs and integrated virtual DCSs from all major vendors.

Nuclear accident analysis

WSC has an analysis package, which allows clients to perform engineering analysis and operator training on accident consequences, using emergency operating procedures (EOPs). The 3KEYSAA severe accident analysis utilises the MELCOR severe accident analysis code, which was developed by Sandia National Laboratories.

On-site simulator assessments and solutions

WSC carries out on-site simulator assessments and resolutions, and advises customers about the best way to integrate SAE into their engineering procedures.

Benefits and features of the offered products:

  • Training of new staff and experienced operators for initial and refresher training
  • Safety analysis studies and generation of data to support licensing applications
  • Human factor engineering studies, tests and refined human-machine interface design
  • Systems engineering functions and development and verification of process sheets, control and logic diagrams, and building of a central repository-based catalogue of plant equipment
  • Control and logic testing and tuning, including changes as a result of upgrades and migration to new DCS platforms
  • Tests and validation of operation, plant system test procedures and plant system modifications
  • Studies for validating procedures and time estimates for plant manipulations, as well as maintenance or modifications in outage planning
  • A rigorous learning management, training, testing and certification programme
  • Extended simulation beyond operator training to other departments, including engineering and maintenance

WSC offers 3KEYSAFE, a full-featured configuration management system that can be used to manage plant design data and simulator configuration.

WSC’s 3KEYTOUCH system combines touchscreen technology and simulator soft-panels to create control room panels for a variety of training tasks that are currently carried out on the full scope hard-panel simulator.

Beni Suef Combined-Cycle Power Plant

Beni Suef is a new combined-cycle natural gas power plant being built by Siemens for the Egyptian Government, as a part of the Egypt Megaproject.

Western Services Corporation

7196 Crestwood Boulevard

Suite 300



United States of America