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Production Management and Monitoring in a Power Plant

Enerbit's boiler efficiency programme module enables calculation of the simultaneous combustion of several fuels and may be applied to pulverised coal, oil, gas, and biomass boilers, as well as to fluidised bed boilers and heat recovery steam generators.

The module calculates thermal balance, heat loss and efficiency on the basis of current measurements that have been taken from a database or from the control system. It also monitors fuel composition, dependency of the boiler flue gas loss on the excess combustion air and the flue gas temperature, as well as dependency due to unburned carbon loss on the combustion conditions.

The results in each calculation cycle are made available to operators in the form of screen graphics, while data obtained from these calculations are recorded in the database and can be analysed at a later date.

Operators are able to individually take cost-effective measures concerning the functioning of the boiler by using the quantitative information provided by the module.

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