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Three Energy Industry Case Studies

Esscano Power improves tightness of competitor's Double Louvre Damper: Coal fired power plant in Denmark

To improve tightness, as well as reducing the sealing air and power consumption, of a Competitor's damper with seal air.

Build in Esscano Power's flexible metallic Hastelloy flat seal system. To install external temperature compensation modules at the linkages between the blade shafts. Linkages were fitted but bellows were not required due to an improved design.

The damper was fitted with landing bar only. The landing bar was replaced by a stronger, straight type, and metal seals were fitted to the existing blade. Thermo compensator installed at the existing linkage. 100% sealing obtained, and power consumption to seal air fan was reduced from 38KW to 14Kw.

To find out more, download this white paper.

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