Expansion Joints for Multi-Flue Chimneys in Coal-Fired Power Plants - Power Technology | Energy News and Market Analysis
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Expansion Joints for Multi-Flue Chimneys in Coal-Fired Power Plants

As the need for more power generation increases, each power station needs to increase its number of plants, resulting in optimised utilisation of space and resources. One of the key areas for space optimisation is chimneys. Chimneys can be defined as a vertical hollow structure of masonry, steel or reinforced concrete, built to convey gaseous products of combustion from a building or process facility.

A chimney should be high enough to furnish adequate draft and to discharge the products of combustion without causing local air pollution. The height and diameter of a chimney determine the draft. For adequate draft, small industrial boilers and home heating systems depend entirely upon the enclosed column of hot gas.

In contrast, stacks, which are chimneys for large power plants and process facilities, usually depend upon force-draft fans and induced-draft fans to produce the draft necessary for operation, and the chimney is used only for removal of the flue gas.

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