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Coal-fired Power Generation Solutions and Products

SOLAFT supplies custom-engineered non-woven filter solutions for all fabric filter baghouses, including Shaker, Reverse Air and Pulse Jet.

A coal-fired plant in NSW, Australia, was experiencing significant performance issues due to shrinkage of a competitor filter bag. This had reduced load and performance and raised safety concerns due to the constant requirement for inspection and maintenance of the hanger bars.

SOLAFT Filtration Solutions worked closely with the plant’s engineering, production, and service teams to design a custom-engineered homogeneous fibre blend, combining polyacrylonitrile (PAN) and polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) fibres.

A coal-fired power plant in Arkansas, US, was experiencing premature failure of their filter bags, which not only posed them emission issues but also financial implications for replacement bags, lost downtime, and maintenance costs.

SOLAFT proposed introducing the shorter StarBags, which represented a significant reduction in filter bag length from the existing 8.5m bags. The increased surface area of the StarBags, relative to a standard bag of the same length, enabled the reduced length without compromising particulate capture and production rates. The reduction in filter bag length enabled the filter bags to be removed from the line of the direct inflow, eradicating the premature failure.

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